System Operational Support

is a Fiscal & Tax Consulting Firm part of COACH IT Group, specialized in Taxation, Brazilian Localization, and Tax Planning and provides tax and accounting consulting services in support / implementation related to the operational configuration of the system, with mapping / flow chart related to the operation of the legal entity attending the various ERP systems from the market (SAP, ORACLE, LINX, Mastersaf and others).

Tax Consulting

Tax consulting services include analysis of all company's operations, together with the analysis of fiscal, accounting and statutory procedures, with the accurate clarifications on the usage of the laws, applicable to the business.

Tax Planning

For the development of this job seeks accounting and fiscal solutions, including reviewing of its operations, compliance with auxiliary obligations and magnetic files such as SPED analyzing possible reductions of the tax burden, collection of tax credits, framing of fiscal incentives at the federal, state and municipal levels, offering plans to restructure the with improve fiscal efficiency.

Transfer Pricing

Calculation and review of the procedures for calculating the transfer price as provided in the current legislation, through a TP_System system developed and configured in accordance with the rules, controlling the adjustments, anticipating quarterly and / or monthly possible internal actions of the company in function of avoiding the loss of tax revenues.

Accounting Statements

Analysis of the criteria adopted to prepare the financial statements as a means to guarantee a better result in strategic decisions and interaction of its clients with the market.

  • Analysis of Balance Sheets and their interpretation for advice in decision making;
  • Assistance in the preparation of management accounting reports;
  • Implementation of costing systems for the production of goods and services;
  • Accounting and tax advice to update the deeds related to previous periods;
  • Preparation and / or Reviewing of Digital Accounting Bookkeeping;
  • Preparation and / or Reviewing of Tax Accounting Bookkeeping.

Customer Service

The provides consulting services for risk prevention and follow-up to inspections, at the federal, state and municipal levels.